Development Session

Initially my idea was to create a large white dome which allowed members of the public to add messages all over to loved ones, either who they were with at the time, so they could read one anothers messages or the person they had most recently been with. This idea stemmed from the research I had previously done and the messages that had been written on yellow flags in the save me project.
            However during the development session I realised that what we could propose could be far more fun, obscure and controversial, as I had really just been considering quite a reserved but thoughtful concept originally. When we sat down and began to work through ideas which didn’t particularly make sense, couldn’t be imagined and then moved on to make ones based on the previous ideas which had gained a large amount of votes, we were asked to write down three new completely different ideas. My new ideas consisted of a white whiteboard type statue of David Cameron which could be written on, similar to the white message dome but far more politically orientated and controversial, secondly was a fountain which had personalised tiles by members of the community on what they are proud of within their own city, all would be watertight and the fountain could be switched on at the end of the day as a finale for everyone involved in its creation, and lastly was my idea of creating a group of gay Russian dolls in response/tribute to the conditions homosexuals are subjected to in Russia.
            I chose to put forward the Gay Russian Dolls idea because it was the most intriguing one which was very current and had a lot of controversy around the subject, additionally a family member has also been involved in a similar kind of thing on television where they turn Russian Icons into Gay icons. The idea was met with both positive response and intrigue into how it would look, what it was about and how it would work, but despite the initial confusion I hoped that with a good explanation to accompany the proposal it could be really interesting for people. This is where I began to think about how it would be a mark of respect and support from the people of Leeds to show those who are suffering in Russia that people in other countries are supporting them as when oppression like this occurs it can feel like a very lonely time for the victims. 



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