I began looking at other examples of russian dolls being used with other non-traditional artwork and found a student artist on Etsy called Ponychops who creates these amazing, detailed sets custom made to customers specifications. It was important for me to see if various designs aside from the typically traditional Russian Doll Style could work on this shape, or if it would lose the appeal of the traditional pieces. 


I then looked at outfits which are worn at the gay pride parades within Leeds, as this would mean that it isn’t me creating outfits that I personally deem fitting to show homosexuality and wasn’t stereotyping anybody. Using outfits worn during gay pride parades means that how the gay community, involved in those parades, wants to be perceived publicly on important occasions is also being shown in a piece of public art work. This means the pieces should come across more respectful towards the gay community. 



I took this mock up into a development session and was given some important tips on how to improve it. 
-add more of the dolls 
-add shadows
-add female dolls 
-add dolls in more british weather appropriate clothing 
-add a drag queen. 


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