Site Visit

Site visit

Due to living quite close to Leeds I have been in Millenium Square so many times for events or just a general walk around, it’s a small haven for a cluster of businesses including bars, the museum and closeby the Vernon Street building of Leeds College of Art and the 02 academy which hosts concerts and club nights.
            It was good to go to Millenium Square to look at the space itself and what is within it rather than going to it for an event or just walking through to get to somewhere else, as this opened my eyes to things I hadn’t even noticed before like the fact that two Golden Owls are situated directly on the top of the Civic Hall and that the small garden area was called Mandela Gardens, before the visit I hadn’t known of anything that was a tribute to Nelson Mandela despite seeing and sitting in that area on numerous occasions.
            Another important thing I found during the visit was the sheer size of the space, because whilst sitting and looking at the area and what it had to offer, it really opened my eyes to the scale of what kind of piece could be placed there. This is particularly important to my own proposals development because prior to that I had been thinking on quite a small scale until the site visit.
            Whilst there I drew some small sketches of the area, did some smaller drawings of what I could potentially place there and how a new idea could fit to the area and would also allow people to pass through the square. 


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