Lecture Notes- Graffiti and Street Art

Graffiti and street art

-comes from the Italian word graffiato, meaning to scratch
-caves of Lascaux, france
discovered by 4 teenagers
showing scenes of everyday life
closed back off to the public, because the gases were causing damage to the paintings and a direct replica was created

graffiti in pompeii- sexual jokes, pompeii ruined by volcanic eruption

Kilroy engraving on war memorial ww2, not a figure made by a single author but used by many to make a political or social comment. Humour that he pops up in various different places.
paris may 68’ riots-brought economy to a virtual standstill, 2 weeks, 11 million workers, causes near government collapse. ‘we are the power’

urban graffiti
1970’s new york- spray can graffiti, names painted on the sides of trains, alongside the hiphop culture, making the language of the streets visible. Announcing a presence of those who do not wish to be ignored eg. Underpriviliged african americans, hispanic americans, saying they will not be contained in the ‘ghettos’ and will get elsewhere

John Naar-photographer-1973
says that via trains and buses the writers sent their message to other parts of the city, and left their mark on public things. Were a cry for change from the ghetto to clean up the filthy streets, to improve the quality of the schools.

Jean-Michel Basquiat-1960-1988
-neo expressionist movement
introduces it into paintings
creates a character called Samo- can almost be used by anyone but it is not tied to a single person.
comes from the words ‘same old’
truisms-statements which are true but also mysterious
adds a copyright symbol
kills off the character in 1979 ‘Samo is dead’ appears around new york
-multimedia artist, uses films, almost a celebrity character, friends with influential people.
works with andy Warhol

Keith Haring
-radient baby-1990
covers over advertisements and draws over them
works on buildings he know is going to be knocked down
a sense of impermanency
makes social interventions
but also makes a pop up shop with various merchandise with his well known designs, ‘extension of what he did in the subway stations’, criticised for selling out, shop became a well known hangout for celebrities.

John Feckner, Broken Promises, 1980’s

Jenny Holzer-Times square show 1980
‘abuse of power comes as no surpise’
thought provoking in an urban place
uses tshirts and stickers to spread the message

Video game culture
the berlin wall
-barrier created by the GDR in berlin
-series of radical political changes causes the wall to be pulled down
-comments on the lack of technology and brands available in the Eastern Bloc eg playstation

Explosion of graffiti for major corporations
tats cru-1997 coca cola
doesn’t have the edge
too slick

bomb the world 2004
graffitis trains

Jet set radio 2000-2003
skate around Tokyo covering rival gangs graffiti

begins to creep into childrens games

graffiti as a fine art practice

French artist born 1969
first mosaic in mid 1990s, paris
spread around the world now
conceptual element-place the tiles in specific locations, element of performance within there, can follow in his steps. Eg. Attack of Montpellier

Reemergence of street art
Banksy-Kate Moss
Shephard Fairey-2008-Barack ‘progress’

Parisian Photography JR, Favela
Morro Da Provienda-Rio-2008

Blu (Italy) and Os Gemeos (brazil) Lisbon-2010
worked into the crown-sucking the world dry

Alexandre Orion Ossario (2006)
-removing the soot rather than spraying anything
-saying something about pollution and the environment
-after he had done this, the municipal goverment decides to clean the entire tunnel, but it quickly built up again
-removing the issue rather than causing it
-metabiotics 2000- constructs a moment, but looks effortless, makes the graffiti with this image in mind. Classic photography from the 1940s and 50s where that kind of image was sought out

Blu-Animated Graffiti
Corsa ad 2011

123 KLAN (france)
work with major brands and use the funds for a social aspect

Paul Curtis (Moose) Leeds
Reverse Graffiti
-uses water jets and stencils
-has an environmental concern
-Leeds city council made him remove the work

Commercialisation of graffiti
Bomb-It, looks at this and Shephard Fairey takes part in this

Free Art Friday
-attached to a tag saying to take home and enjoy
-hide it somewhere
-whoever comes across it first can take it

Kid Acne
-works in Sheffield mainly
-thatll learn em’
-humorous phrases which socially make sense eg in Yorkshire but are actually grammatically incorrect

Sam 3- Murcia 2010
using disused things
figure responds to the paper falling off the billboard
city turns into a working stage with a narrative in found situations

VHILS aka Alexandre Farto (Portugal) London 2008
-removing things to create art eg. Bricks/plaster/other paint

Diva Brooklyn
-the anonymity of graffiti/street art doesn’t matter whether you are male or female

Miss Van-Berlin
-overly feminine style

using wheat paste, socially engaged manner
uses historical and folk characters
areas where there is urban deprivation
about reclaiming the areas and communities which have been destroyed by poverty

Art of Resistance
Wall in Palestine-series of portraits of people impacted by the wall

Banksy 2005
-3x the height of the berlin wall and will eventually run 700km-london to zurich
-illegal under international law, turning Palestine into the worlds largest open prison
-holiday for graffiti artists

where graffiti starts to have more of a dialogue and gives more of a political statement
Pieces there from local graffiti artists
‘free palestine’
shows political and communal frustration
ctrl+alt+delete- to show the impact it has had on the communities


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