Cop1 seminar/lecture notes


Counterculture and not-for-profit Graphic Design
book-graphic agitation
moral dilemma of the graphic designer ‘nobility or capitalism’
Advertising- all about making money and selling things, whereas vis com is about a cause. Oddly they used to believe the most important part of advertising is truth.
“The word ‘advertising’ like commercial art makes graphic designers cringe. It signifies all that sophisticated comtemporary graphic design or rather visual communications, is not supposed to be. Advertising is the tool of capitalism, a con that persuades an unwitting public to consume and consume again. Graphic Design by contrast, is an aesthetic and philosophical pursuit that communicates ideas. Advertising is cultural exploitation that transforms creative expression into crass propaganda. Graphic design is a cultural force that incorporates parallel world views. Advertising is hypnotically invasive. Graphic Design makes no claim” – Heller-1995

Ken Garland 1964-First things first manifesto-‘There are other things more worth using our skill and experience on.” –about advertising

End bad breath poster-1968

DIY, underground, culture, going against politics at the time, graphic designers.

Naomi Klein
-she doesn’t think there is any truth in advertising
-believes people behind the ad campaigns see themselves as cultural philosophers, spiritual gurus
-eg united colours of Benetton- are they making a point or are they just doing this to shamelessly advertise their clothing.
-“Noble goal, yet benettons political branding campaigns implicitly promise customers a happiness of another sort, not just beauty, status or style, the traditional claims fashion companies make, but virtue and engagement’
– benettons clothes have nothing to do with the causes they advertise
-by using the issues to advertise clothing, they are causing a layer of mediation between the things

Oliviero Toscano
Isabelle Caro (anorexic model died as a result of her disorder)
Visual communication
Piece may actually not need any text on it, but only used Nolita symbol to draw attention to their own brand, Italian clothing company.

Opium- naked woman advert for yves saint Laurent- 2000- banned, but when moved 90 degrees and airbrushed out nipple it was allowed because it was deemed to be less sexual

‘evidence of designer concern is found in the form of well meaning but woefully masturbatory poster exhibitions and portfolios organized on general humanistic themes such as peace, human rights and welfare’
-self indulgence
-it may be doing something for ourselves but is it doing anything for others?

Chris shuff- untitled-1990

Non profit organisation

‘is social responsibility a function of the content, the form, the audience, the client and/or the designer’ Michael rock

picture comparison
Brave engagement with people
Jeremy Deller


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