Having gone home over Christmas, it was necessary to visit friends and family I hadn’t been able to see for a while. So I got in touch with one of my best friends, he told me that I was welcome to visit any time but unfortunately it wouldn’t be the greatest atmosphere as his sister had tragically lost her boyfriend the night before, at 22 years old he had died in his sleep as a result of a heart condition. Everyone was shocked and devastated by the event, and wanting to visit them all at such an awful time, to give my sympathy and talk to them about what happened was necessary. 
After talking to them for a while, and meeting their new puppy, I was taken to meet some other new arrivals. I found out that my friends cat had given birth to a litter of five kittens two months earlier, four females and one male, most of them had already got homes, all but one, the little boy who was supposed to be going to the young man who had died. I found out that the family wouldn’t be able to keep him because they already had three cats, and three dogs, plus 3 huge tanks of tropical fish and a rabbit, plus their daughters pets added to that on a regular basis would just be far too much for them to cope with another one, and so the young kitten would have had to be sent to an elderly couple who didn’t particularly want him and already had other animals but were the only people who could take him. He was so shy, would sit in a corner watching people or would hide away around the back of the sofa when he was allowed for a run around in the living room, he didn’t like a lot of people or noise but he really took to me quickly and fell asleep on my lap later on in the day.


On christmas eve at about 4pm I decided I would take him and would give him to my mum as a christmas present, knowing that she is a massive cat lover, and has almost taken in other kittens in need of a home but had never been contacted back about it, and knowing how loved our cat at home already was, I knew that he would have the most loving home possible with her, even if she might kill me because she’d just bought a new sofa. Although deciding at that late stage to take him in did mean having to get an immediate taxi with my best friend to pets at home and arriving there just 20 minutes before they closed to be able to get everything necessary for him. 

On christmas day I snuck out the cat carrier and with my boyfriend visited my friends house to collect the kitten so that i could give him to my mum that day. Once we arrived back at home i set the carrier on the floor and said ‘Mum I’ve got someone i want you to meet’ and got him out of the carrier, at first she didn’t even consider that i could have got him for her, but instead thought that I was just bringing him up for a visit. Once it had sunk in what I had got her, she looked like she was about to cry/fall over but she picked him up and immediately fell in love with him. 


I consider this my good deed because I gave a young animal a loving home and gave my mum the best christmas she has ever had, she’d had a tough year before that and it was nice to be able to give her such an adorable little (though expensive) christmas present, i still don’t want to look at the receipt I was given from pets at home. It felt great to see how happy she was, and even greater to see him begin to come out of his shell, bounding up to people and playing with his new toys. 

I feel like charity is worthwhile, although in this case the good deed wasn’t helping a large group of people with an illness or anything, even knowing that my actions could have changed a young animals life is a fantastic feeling. Even if he has become incredibly boisterous and has my family chasing him around the house at all hours of the night. 


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