In December, Huddersfield holds a Festival of Light. Basically this event is a far better version of Leeds’ Light Night, everything is set out a lot closer together, more details are given about events, better events and the food stalls spanned three streets. 
Having attended last year and then had to go to Light Night, I really wanted to visit again and see what they had in store for the public this year. Last year they had tight rope walkers walking in front of the train station incredibly high up, women with huge light up dresses and a huge sculpture which would turn and had tin cans with fire inside, when the wind picked up the sculpture would also make noise and move quicker. 
This year was just as interesting, as soon as I walked out of the train station there were people stood in Georges Square, making really unusual noises, some were howling like wolves, others were shrieking, some were shouting their names, I quickly realised that the piece was a huge light display which interacted with peoples voices and would change depending on the noises made. In other parts of the town there were street acts, sculptures and next to the open market, a huge interactive games screen the size of the side of a building which allowed people to play retro games by hitting the bottom of the screen to fire at objects amongst other things. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph any of the events because my camera had run out of batteries and my phone has a problem with internal memory so wouldn’t allow any photos to be taken. Though some of the people I attended the event with did upload a couple of videos onto instagram. 
Due to the event being outside, the weather did have some negative impact as it was absolutely pouring it down that night, but thankfully it didn’t seem to dampen anyones spirits who decided to attend that night. I definitely think my favourite part was the huge interactive screen, the atmosphere around there was brilliant, everyone was talking to each other and enjoying the event as an entire group rather than individual people, and some were even dancing together to the music that was being played. 


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