I decided to attend a seminar held in the Lecture theatre by Nobrow, a publishing company in London. The name was chosen due to the two owners not wanting the company be high brow or low brow, but in between. The Seminar overall was incredibly engaging and due to being interested in screen printing and publishing the experience of finding out how a publishing company can be set up was immensely valuable. I think one of the parts I enjoyed most was how one of the owners had gotten the idea to set up the company, and his knowledge of the machines from one of the Ladybird information books on printing that he had bought on eBay.
Throughout the seminar I felt incredibly inspired, the work they showed of the artists they worked with and how the process has helped those illustrators to further their careers was something which has given me a desire to work harder on my illustration skills because although I do enjoy it immensely, I don’t feel I particularly have any real skills in the subject. I learnt from the seminar that illustration work, and the printing process is not the quickest but I think this is where I began to realise that I need to stop being so impatient with my work, my tendency is to begin a drawing and then rush it because I don’t think it should take very long. However now I realise that these processes can take hours, days or weeks even to get absolutely perfect and the time and effort put into it all really shows through. Whereas in my own work I often feel that my impatience is the thing that shows through the most, the most recent example being the illustrated book, when I was rushing the double page spread for the Monday deadline it looked nowhere as good as it could have, it had lost the detail and ‘cuteness’ that the original idea piece had. So I rethought both pieces I had created and with more time and patience I produced two pieces which were far stronger and the narrative wasn’t lost amongst a mass of unnecessary drawings like the original two pages.
Going into the Nobrow seminar I didn’t exactly know what to expect but without a doubt I’m glad I did go, the presentation was interesting, funny and helpful. Its given me a lot to think about and after hearing of the multiple different ways in which people go through this process has given me the drive to really experiment further with these mediums. I could have given up completely with using illustrations in my work after the narratives book task but instead I know want to see how many more ways I can find to use them to enhance it.


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