Luke Pearson

After recently going to the Nobrow seminar, I have taken an interest in the work of one of the artists which the company regularly work with, Luke Pearson. Who’s most well known work is the comic Hildafolk, a really interesting, well illustrated comic with a loveable main character at the centre of it, which must be seeing some success considering the original publishers of the TinTin book series were interested enough in it t publish it themselves in the same style. 


I was particularly interested in this artists work in relation to my own book due to its simplicity, having a short amount of time to create the illustrations for a 20 page book was going to be a big enough challenge without doing over complex illustrations. But yet despite its simplicity the work doesn’t lose any detail or lose the interest of the audience. The look of the books themselves draws the audience into the book and keeps them hooked, which I hope is an attribute I can have within my own work. 


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