To add as much detail as I could I had originally wanted to use the traditional ‘comic’ look, which various lines separating parts of the story and taking the reader through bit by bit, however by doing this i began to lose the detail that I needed within the work and started to lose time which could have been used to make the book overall far more appealing. 


This was the original idea of the first double page spread, however in comparison to the initial idea piece I had created one I’d decided what my character would look like, it was nowhere near good enough to be used. 


It had lost the element of being ‘cute’ and that is one of the most important things about the initial piece, because the main character is not something which the audience would usually empathise with yet I need to be able to get them to identify with it. I found the best way to do that was going to be through making it look as appealing as possible, however the double page spread didn’t, the lines were all different sizes and thicknesses which ruins the flow of the comic itself. 


So I had to rethink my methods of layout and decided that instead of setting out the entire book like a comic, each page would be dedicated to a singular part of the story but would include the necessary details within that one illustration for the book to make sense rather than showing loads of different elements of the image in separated sections. The layout throughout the book therefore became more like the initial idea piece. 


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