Project X Trailer

This video is one of the main influences for the film due to the quick moving shots throughout, having these shots creates a chaotic flow to the film which we need to contrast with the slow moving beginning which will cause the audience to understand just how much the main protagonists life has changed as a result of the drugs and alcohol.
Project X illustrates the impacts these kinds of things can have on people and even change their psychology into a mob mentality where they begin to act as an anonymous person in a large group rather than an individual who will need to bear the brunt of their actions. However the film my group is producing needs to really concentrate on the individual rather than a large group of people and this will need to be done through establishing shots in the beginning of the film and a majority of the shots being concentrated on the singular character.
The use of a really bright light throughout the scenes creates a look for the film which is something I am really interested in for the look of the project, the technique is used in quite a few party films and it shows the party atmosphere really well due to the concentrated light in darkness and highlighting only a small area in front of the individual, which is quite representative of the effects of drugs and alcohol on people.


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