Film influences

It was decided that the film would take influences from films like Project X, a film based on a famous story of an Australian teenager who, when his parents went away on holiday, threw one of the biggest house parties ever seen, making international news due to the sheer amount of people who showed up, the fact riot police had to be called to the scene to disperse the party goers and the damage caused as a result.


The film was filmed in a really quick way, with a bright continuous light which gave the movie a real sense of chaos. The hand filmed look of the movie made it seem like it was all from the perspective of those who were there themselves which is a really interesting way to watch a film thats based on an actual news story.

We also looked at the television series Skins, showing the lives of teens/students in England involving excessive alcohol and drug use, the reason I felt that skins would be a good reference is that it uses quite graphic ways of communicating the story line, such as vomiting and accidents etc it was necessary for our film to really communicate the negatives of alcohol and drug abuse on students, though I do feel that in some ways skins can glamourise it and have often heard people say ‘I want to live the Skins life’.



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