I really love this video, not only do I think the use of humour within it is absolutely brilliant, but I think the overall concept of it is great.
To me this video is poking fun at homophobic males who pride themselves on being completely ‘masculine’ and believe that gay men are not really men, giving them emasculated nicknames etc
The idea of saying ‘this is how men used to be’ when the idea of the typical ‘man’ now are quite similar to those of acting like a caveman and how some men act in that way to exhibit their manliness even further I think is quite a brilliant piece of work.
Using this kind of humour to address issues like this, I feel is really clever and important in tackling the problems we have in society today, because it isn’t a ‘you cannot do this’ its more of a ‘we will ridicule you back for doing what you do, just as you have to them’ rather than creating a mass of controversy and people becoming aggressive over not being able to express their own views, it could be far more effective in changing these opinions over time as they may see that they don’t actually need to feel this way.
The humour and the way the piece of film is put together really gives it a light, interesting and fun feel which really draws the audience in, I feel when tackling sensitive issues like homophobia this type of technique should be considered further as it isn’t in your face like other techniques can be, and this may not be the best way to address peoples views when they have been brought up to believe these things or feel they may be protecting themselves in some way.


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