Zine in a day project

Zine Evaluation

-A zine is a self published piece of work which can be about anything of the creators choice, they adapt quickly to social change and are cheap to produce.
-We walked from the university to Headingley in a group of 4, taking photos of anything of slight interest we came across.
-It quickly became apparent that we weren’t going to find very much that was particularly interesting and this is what aided us in choosing to look at the history of Headingley as opposed to exactly what was present that day.
-The group researched the history of Headingley and came across a strong Viking presence within the community, still present today through the naming of things like pubs and areas.
-I think our group worked incredibly strongly and the combination of so many various ideas and styles of working came together to produce what I felt was a really strong, engaging zine that personally, if I had walked past I would have taken an interest in.
-If we had not worked as a group for this project I feel that although I may have realised a similar concept, it would have come across a lot more flat and uninteresting, having so many different artistic techniques all pushed into one small zine produced a really interesting overall style of the piece.
-My weaknesses were probably taking on too much work, although I did get it all finished on time, I could have been more engaged with other aspects of the process like the printing. I also found it harder to communicate vital parts of ideas and information than I had expected to, although I did eventually manage to in most circumstances, I did feel that this struggle caused some confusion within the group and I should have reacted faster, finding another way rather than speaking to communicate the layout idea I had, which did eventually make sense and was used for the Zine.
-My strengths were learning to adapt quicker to the ideas of other people, and using methods which would allow us to change aspects quickly eg. Blutacking photos/text to the pages. I felt that an overall group strength was reacting so quickly to what we felt would be a disaster after realising that there wasn’t much to photograph that interested us as a whole group.
-I think because the project was meant to be done over just one single day that it really helped me to realise that a lack of time doesn’t mean a lack of content or quality, which is something I had been worrying about on my transition from college to university.


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