-During the typography lessons I have found that it is an important aspect of everyday life which I want to learn more about, what I previously had believed to be typography and really enjoyed creating I have now found to just be creative font and so now I am more interested in the theory of type and what differentiates the two.
-Learning new vocabulary involved in type, although taking me a little longer to grasp than I usually would expect, is really useful and has helped me to understand some of the programs I use each day more. I try to apply the theory we have learnt so far to type that I see each day.
-My main weakness throughout this section of visual exploration has been that I have been overthinking everything that I produced, or trying too hard for it to look pleasant, and it therefore coming across in ways I didn’t actually originally intend and this has taught me to really sit back and take certain things purely on face value in the instant you see them.
-My strength was understanding colour and not overthinking where my eyes are immediately drawn to during that particular session, I have learned quickly but I do know that I need to spend more time learning typography and have been spending time with individuals on the graphic design course who have given me a better understanding of type.
-I looked at a couple of typography books in the library for a short time, and have decided to ignore what I had originally believed to be a typography book so that I don’t confuse myself.
-Working around others during this section made me more self conscious of the work I did produce and therefore more reluctant to properly engage with the section like I did with something like screenprinting. I think if I had worked separately to other people and sought the advice of Graham at regular intervals, I would have produced a stronger overall piece of work.


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