Screen Printing

Screen Printing

-The screen printing day was by far one of my favourites during the past few weeks, its something I have been interested in since I began graphic communication at college. I concentrated far more on this day than I feel I have been able to over the course so far, being easily distracted and missing information like I tend to is something I don’t feel occurred on this day.
-The day, despite being quite a small group, did take a long time, which gave me a realistic idea of what kind of time I should allocate to any screenprinting processes I undertake in the future. It also gave me a well needed opportunity to talk to one of the assistants about screenprinting at Blenheim walk and even found out a bit of history of the room just purely being used for fabrics, and only turning to being used for paper over recent years.
-During the day I found that I had a lot more patience for a repetitive slow process than I had originally ever believed and actually found it relaxing, repetitive productive processes have begun to be something I enjoy more than sitting down and playing with photogshop. I think the idea of having something that I have hand made successfully is far more satisfying than producing a piece of artwork a single person walks past and says ‘cool’ to.
-My weaknesses during the screenprinting process were getting the hang of instructions the first time I had been told them due to my dyslexia, but calmly asking for a repeat of an instruction or viewing the process of another student helped me to restart myself on the activity, whereas last year for example, when I wasn’t aware of my learning difficulty, I would have stormed ahead and done whatever I felt was the most logical next step due to being impatient with myself, which, when around such expensive, important equipment like printing presses and silk screens would not have been a good idea. I was overly critical of what I was producing, the pieces were never going to be perfect on the first try and if any did go slightly wrong, I’d feel like I had failed, which I realise now is not a good attitude to have during a new process.
-My strengths were how engaged I became within the process and the teacher, showing such a genuine interest in a process, making mistakes and correcting them has given me skills which I can take forward throughout my time in the university.  I also feel that the amount of concentration I had for the process was really strong and grew throughout the day. 


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