Screen Printing process

Firstly we needed to create the silkscreens using the large vacuum machine, during the process I did take a huge amount of notes to help me in order to complete the exercise to a high standard even when on my own without guidance, which hopefully will be more often than not. 
The ink process was something I struggled with, although the green went perfectly, the black didnt have enough binder within it and this gave me another opportunity to experience mistake correction within the process due to the black ink drying and therefore not producing the screen print, I learnt that mistakes like that are easy to correct with patience and communication, the dry ink only needed to be sprayed with water and more binder to be put in the ink. 

 When making the silk screen design i learned that you can use other methods to speed up a process, such as a hairdryer to dry any excess water after the screen has been left in the drying room, but also that using it too close can cause the screen to shrink. 



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