Process of the Zine


 Firstly we walked from university to Headingley, taking photos of anything we felt was interesting, although we quickly found that there wasnt very much we were interested in. 


Whilst we sat for dinner we decided to concentrate on how there isnt actually very much in the way of interesting things in Headingley, hence the name ‘thrill seekers guide to nothing’, and whilst quickly brainstorming ideas we decided to go with an idea of looking at hidden things that we may not be able to see, originally this had been monsters etc as if they were living among us, but we decided to go with a ghosts theme and research important people of the area who had died. 


We decided to use the concept of 3D glasses, showing you what you couldnt originally see. But use them in a paranormal sense instead, during this time research into the history of Headingley had been done and it showed Vikings had played an integral part in the history of the area and so we chose to make it based on them. This included making small illustrations of ghosts dressed as we would expect typical vikings to look.


 Our workspace was so messy that we didn’t manage to keep track of everything and did have to spend some additional time researching extra facts because we had lost them within the rubble of the days activities. 


Despite the workspace being a little messy, I feel the overall end piece was produced to a high standard and was really appealing. 


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