Light Night task photos

During the light night task, I was part of the decor team. Our aim was to create the feeling of being inside a circus tent using colours and elements like fabrics and signs. It was quite a large group including second years, but I do feel this benefitted us due to the amount of work we would need to produce to create some kind of atmosphere upon the publics arrival. 

My main task was to create half of the silhouettes which would be situated around the rooms windows so that it would create the feel of being in and around a circus. It took many hours to complete the pieces, as so many small sections needed to be cut out to create a realistic silhouette look, in the hopes that light would shine through them on the night itself. I did ruin my desk in this process as I forgot to put down a piece of card at the beginning so now have a ferris wheel carved into my desk which is a definite weakness, which now coloured in with brown fineliner.Image
The finished pieces I felt looked really good and were worth the amount of effort put into them, the details showed through well rather than looking blocked out and really boring.  


However once we arrived at the venue itself, despite already measuring the windows, we found that the artwork was half the size we had originally needed it to be, this was really gutting considering not being able to sleep until about 5am in order to try to get them finished the night before. 

However we quickly overcame this issue through deciding to combine the silhouettes and miss out the windows which were not as important due to being covered up by larger stalls. I think learning how to deal with a problem which affects not just yourself but others around you (those who were looking around the stalls and out of the windows) is really important as part of the visual communication course and doing it as fast as we had to during the set up of the decor became really helpful to me as a person. 


During this night i also did other things such as helping with the Mannequin, and adding more signs around the building to direct the public down to us. 


Because I was part of the decor team I didn’t have a stall to work on for the night so instead took notice of how much people interacted with the stalls and how the students interacted with the public was really interesting, I feel overall it created a really nice atmosphere and the students dealt well with the terrible heat overall. 


The upstairs of Vernon street was incredibly unusual, very surreal and the two mean with the masks really created a creepy strange atmosphere that almost had me run back out but standing watching them made me feel like I was being sucked in. 



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