Although it is not completely proven that Lewis Wain, a talented illustrator born in 1860, had scizphrenia, many believe he did suffer with the condition in later life. Leading to hospitalisation in a mental hospital which was less than adequate in condition, and so uproar from fans and personalities like H.G Wells at the time caused Wain to be moved to a more comfortable hospital where he produced the piece of work I am most interested in.
I find this piece of artwork fascinating, how a mental illness could impact someones artwork to this extent, as Wain went from illustrations of realistic cats, to making them have human characteristics (eg playing football, planning parties etc) to incredibly abstract and unusual like this drawing. I do feel like you can see the progression of the illness throughout his artwork.
If a mental illness can impact the way someone see’s something as common as a cat to this extent then I wonder what they feel when they experience events like Light Night.


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