Light Night Experience

After attending Huddersfield’s Festival Of Light last year I felt somewhat disappointed by Leeds’ Light Night. All of the activities which were taking place during the night seemed to be incredibly spread out, making it hard to enjoy the event as a whole because there was such a long gap between each activity, or some were missed out on, and only one of these (the Civic Hall) really stood out and really captured peoples attention, I also believe that the show put on by the University at Vernon Street was easily one of the highlights, although it is hard to comment on how successful the VisCom room was from the publics perspective, I think you could tell that quite a lot of hard work went into a lot of the stalls and the overall running of the event. The top floor of Vernon Street was incredibly surreal and really interesting to walk around, although the two masked men were really rather creepy.
I definitely think the event could be massively improved if it was in a far more concentrated space, rather than having to go from Millennium square all the way down to Boar Lane in order to find the next set of activities. I also think a lot more street acts should take place, for example Huddersfields Festival of Light had women walking around on stilts with light up dresses, a tight rope walker above the train station (cancelled due to bad weather but was a spectacular thought non the less), a large band on 4 separate stages with the crowds between dancing and singing to the music etc and the atmosphere was absolutely incredible because everything was close together, people would go from one exciting activity to the next.
It was difficult to find anything to photograph looking at crime, it was also realised early on that it was quite dangerous to go looking for that kind of thing on a night so I decided to look at how someone with a mental illness which can alter their perception of reality could feel in situations like Light Night, I wanted to imagine how they would feel when looking at things so out of the ordinary in places they are used to. I did research into schizophrenia and how this illness in particular can alter how some individuals see the world to a high extent (not all types of schizophrenia involve these kinds of symptoms as there are many different types which can result in different symptoms and outcomes for the patients) .


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