Light Night Leeds Report

Being a member of the decor team, I created half of the silhouettes for the windows, contribute ideas during the planning process which then lead to further tasks for other members of the team, transport and dress the mannequin which stood at the bottom of the stairs dressed as a makeshift clown and later in the actual evening was asked to create more signs just before the public began to arrive to help direct them to our stalls.
I feel the group worked well together, due to such strong personalities present it was sometimes difficult to establish what was happening and what ideas had been discarded, but overall it was successful. After the planning everyone knew their roles. I contributed ideas of a large sign in the circus style which lead on to talks about what kind of paint to use etc and the large black silhouette ideas for the windows around the room. I enjoyed working with the group because despite everything being very fast paced, they were organised and dealt with any problems which arose, the second years were friendly and approachable if I needed any advice which really made the task overall more enjoyable.
During the task I enjoyed engaging with the public, as its something I often do due to working in retail, the public who attended our event were very polite and interested in the work the groups had produced. The next time I will always double check important aspects to avoid unexpected situations. My personality type was accurate as I was an active member of the team (‘a doer’), I was aware of the short amount of time we had so tried to not be overly ambitious with our ideas so that we’d have enough time to produce high quality pieces.


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