Statement of Intent

  1. During my time on the VisCom course, I intend to learn various different methods with which I am able to raise awareness of mental illnesses within the local community. This could be through animations, workshops, posters etc.
  2. I am hoping at some point either during or after the course to travel to different countries to investigate the ways other countries, whether these are first world or third world countries, see and treat mental illnesses and also how they see the people who are suffering with these conditions.
  3. My strengths are using the knowledge I have to create well informed responses and what I feel are appropriate pieces of artwork for the subject I have chosen. I also use my previous knowledge of photography to form images that are quite simple yet often effective. I feel a strength of mine is sketchbook work, as I enjoy having something like that with me where ever I go to add things in and make look presentable and appealing to those who want to look through it.
  4. One of my main weaknesses is definitely drawing, these tend to be incredibly poor standard and are often embarrassing as I have definitely seen junior school children produce better drawings than I can. I am also so critical of my own work that at times I have discarded what could actually have potentially become successful pieces of work.
  5. In attempts to progress my work further I am hoping to join extra classes/societies in order to improve my drawing skills and become slightly less critical of my work.

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